Privacy Policy

Military Green Boxer
We do keep records on who we sell boxer shorts to, but these records are totally private and will never, and I mean never, be sold to anyone.
As far as how safe is your information, well, there are just two of us here--my business partner and myself. So, the information you send to us will not be handled by more than just us two. And, we have both been in business long enough to know that messing with our customers will not benefit us in the long run and we do plan on being around for a very, very long time to come.
Another concern you might have is excessive marketing after making a purchase. Other than follow-up emails if a mistake is made in ordering, all you will ever get from us is status reports while your boxers are being created, and then an email that will help you track your package once it has been shipped. You see, I shop on the internet myself and, frankly, abusive marketing ticks me off. So, we are just as conscious of your security and privacy concerns and hold these concerns dear to us. We will not abuse you!
In conclusion, we will not do anything to make you regret becoming a customer of City Boxers.